On 20th August 2020, Mr. Masafumi Harano, CEO & MD, Pak Suzuki Motor Company inaugurated OPD Complex of Burns Centre.

This New OPD Complex was constructed by Pak Suzuki Motor Company as a part of their CSR projects. They also provided all necessary equipments for OPD Complex to the Friends of Burns Centre.


  • To make a modern, well-equipped and efficient burn care facility for providing medical care to the needy in the best possible way.
  • To provide a safe and therapeutic environment for all patient, staff and visitors.
  • To facilitate more people and to provide health facilities more smoothly.
  • To improve the clinical training of medical students.
  • To minimize patients’ risk of cruel infection which is crucial.

The Burns Centre is the only 66-bed burns care facility in the country that has been providing all medical and operational services to the burns victims 100% free of charge. It is one of the largest burns centre in Asia.

The Ceremony was also attend by Mr. M. Abdullah Feroz from (FOBC), Mr. Fawad Ateeq Barry (FOBC), Mr. Katsunori Ashida – Acting Consul General of Japan Mr. Sohail P. Ahmed, Mr. Faisal Edhi, Dr. Noor Muhammad Soomro MS – CHK, Mr. Aziz Memon, Mr. Danish Zuby and other well wishers and donors.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to the many people whose work is driving innovation and improving the lives of our patients at Friends of Burns Centre. On this occasion I would like to thanks Pak Suzuki Motor Company for standing next to our cause – Mr. Zahid Saeed.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited wished good luck to FOBC’s team and will work with them in order to support them in all ways possible.