• Stop the electrical current by unplugging the appliance from the electrical outlet. Do not touch the person until the current has been stopped.
  • If you cannot turn off the source of the electricity, move the source away from you and the person by using a Non-conducting object, such as cardboard, plastic, or wood.
  • Once you and the person are clear of the source of electricity, check the person for airway, breathing, and circulation. Start CPR if necessary and call our helpline 0092 32715475.
  • Cover burn with sterile gauze or a clean cloth. Do not use a fluffy cloth such as a towel or blanket.
  • Keep the person from becoming chilled or overheated.

All patients with electrical burns or jolts need to go to a hospital immediately. Electrical burns can cause serious internal damage, without much evidence on the skin. In such cases, people need to be evaluated for heart rhythm disturbances as well as burns.