The Prophet (PBUH) sought refuge from the punishment of fire. The reality of today is that more than 15,000 people die annually and approximately 150,000 get severe injuries in Pakistan due to fires and the incidences caused by them.

Recently, I got the opportunity to visit Burns Centre which is managed by highly reputed people. Fortunately I got the chance to do more and become a part of the executive committee over there. I have accepted this offer as the burns’ committee is infamous for doing high quality work and investing themselves completely into doing good for the people. My request to everyone is to donate generously to the Burns Centre as this is the only charitable institution amongst the 25 million people of Karachi, providing free, top-class treatment to patients and victims affected by serious burns and fire hazards, and so should be expanded to handle any and all kinds of emergencies – city wide. Moreover, their awareness campaign should be circulated more so within our people to practice prevention from incidences entailing burns and scalding.