Our Sponsors receive national and internationalrecognition as one of the Centre ’s valued supporters. Our Sponsors can also benefit from the Centre ’s numerous educational , awareness, co-branding, promotional and PR activities. In addition, they can also tap into our specialistknowledge and resources for enhancingthe quality of burns care and treatment. The Friends of Burns Centre is highly grateful to ourIndividual and Corporate Sponsors and is proud to offer the following benefitsfor full participation as a sponsor:

Staff Expense



  • Receive limitless reward by giving away limited part of your resources in the way of Al-Mighty Allah
  • Serve the humanity in the best possible manner by saving the life of those poor and needy burns victims,who can ’t even afford to eat.
  • Membership for the Friends of Burns Centre
  • National and international recognition of your organization for supporting the work of the Friends of Burns Centre.
  • Commemorative plaque or shield for display by t he Friends of Burns Centre Sponsor’s organization.
  • Your organization ’s logo featured on our website with a link bac k to the organization ’s website.
  • Friends of Burns Centre ‘Insignia of Pledge ’ icon to post on organization ’s w ebsite to identify as our Sponsor.
  • Special recognition of Sponsor participants at Friends of Burns Centre ’s Conferences and Seminars.
  • Inclusion in the upcoming Conference, Seminars, Publications, and promotional materials.
  • Priority consideration for sponsorship of the upcomingmonthly newsletter.

In view of your contributions towards humanity and social sector development activities, we are encouraged to approach you with the request to donate in general.

For more information, scheduling a visit at the Friends of Burns Centre or to arrange a meeting at your office, please feel free to contact me on details given below.

For further details, please contact
Marketing & Resource Development
Helpline: 92-21-32715475
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